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Social Advertising Benchmarks for 2022

You might just be surprised to find out what the most important benchmarks really are. How does your social media stack up against your competitors’? What about when you look at your own performance over the years?

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The HR Industry Content Marketing Benchmarks for 2022

How are your content marketing efforts measuring up to competitors? As an HR professional, you’re well aware of the critical role that content marketing plays in your business growth strategy. But how do your efforts compare to those of competitors, and how does your agency’s performance stack up across industry averages?

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What is Content Marketing?

What exactly is content marketing?
This exhaustive guide answers this question in depth, plus explains its benefits, demonstrates how to integrate it into a marketing strategy and shows how to measure your content marketing successes.

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Visual content marketing is now, are you prepared?

A visual content marketing strategy isn’t nice to have, it’s necessary. Human beings are hardwired to respond to imagery, and with so much digital detritus competing for consumer attention, visuals that attract and engage are essential for content marketing ROI.

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