How to Create Sales Collateral That Boosts Buyer Confidence

Learn what it takes to create impactful sales enablement content. We’ve all been there. You’re close to sealing the deal with a new client, and they ask for one last piece of vital information: proof of your previous customer’s wins. Now what?

Sales enablement content comes in many different shapes and sizes, including case studies, testimonials and client reviews. However, it can feel like a major request when it comes time to ask your customers to participate in these projects. We’ve set out to change that with this guide. 

Find out: 

  • How sales enablement content plays an important role in your customer relationships.
  • Best practices for collecting impactful social proof.
  • Tips on promoting your content.
  • Guidelines for measuring long-term wins.
  • … and more!

Once you’ve laid the foundation for generating, developing and tracking the success of your efforts, the (social) proof is in the pudding.