How Brafton Helped TAB Bank Successfully Reinvest in Content Marketing

TAB Bank offers personal and commercial banking services to consumers and businesses across the U.S. Starting out primarily in trucking financial services providing lines of credit, working capital loans and business accounts, TAB Bank recognized an opportunity to expand into other verticals in 2010.

They also built out a larger suite of financial products that included treasury-management and cash-flow-management tools. But with the offerings of TAB Bank evolving to meet the demands of customers, they needed a comprehensive digital presence to answer common questions, influence purchasing decisions and push leads further down the funnel.

Lacking New Content

One of the core challenges TAB Bank ran into was creating a library of content that could serve many purposes. Without fresh content, the website was lacking an authoritative resource center that could spearhead inbound marketing and lead-gen efforts.

“The content we had was years old, and we were mostly reusing sales sheets,” said Trevor Morris, Director of Marketing at TAB Bank. “We originally wanted to take an account-based marketing approach but realized we didn’t have the content to support it. There was no use targeting accounts if we had nothing to offer them.”

After working with another agency, Trevor wasn’t seeing the follow-through he had hoped for.

“Eight months after signing a deal, we still didn’t have a single piece of content to show for it,” he noted.

And that’s when Trevor made the decision to explore Brafton.

Case studies.

White papers.

Blog posts.



A Partnership That Delivers

Trevor and Marketing Manager Shane Adair pivoted away from an ABM model and signed on with Brafton to pursue immediate content wins. They needed rich, informative assets that could be leveraged on the website, on social and through email.

Combining the minds of some of Brafton’s top writers and designers, we produced a number of eBooks, white papers, case studies and infographics over a three-month period.

Coordinating and executing on multiple projects at once is no easy feat, for either party. But with weekly group-ups and visibility into delivery timelines, Trevor and Shane were able to track content creation progress and map out their internal marketing schedules.

“I’ve been very pleased,” said Trevor. “[Brafton] executes well and hits deadlines, and there aren’t a ton of edits.”

With diverse content types at their disposal, TAB Bank is able to put their investments to good use, and stand out while they do it.

From a writing, visual and project-management standpoint, everything has clicked.

“The quality of the writing has been great, the visuals are more than we hoped for and it’s a night and day difference from our previous agency,” said Trevor. “You listened and you delivered, and what makes Brafton special is that you do what many others can’t: You deliver.

This first round of assets is just step one of a productive, dynamic relationship.

Trevor and Shane at TAB Bank already have their eyes set on big 2018 goals powered by more content. This plan includes stronger social media outreach, a more thorough resource center and refreshed landing pages to drive conversions.

As they work on custom website features that will make it easier to publish and promote content, they’re also looking to better segment content by geography and referral sources.

This marketing evolution should enable TAB Bank to build upon their current success and bring in more leads.

And at the end of the day, that’s what Brafton does: build on wins and bring in leads.

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