CloudSmartz Drives Brand Awareness and Qualified Leads With Brafton

CloudSmartz is a global software engineering firm delivering business operations solutions to clients of all sizes, from startups and small- and mid-range businesses to enterprise-level and global entities. Headquartered in Rochester, NY, with offices in London, Singapore and India, CloudSmartz has a talent for creating innovative technologies and solutions via custom CRM and CMS (Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics) integrations and application development.

Landing pages.

Blog posts.


Animated videos.

White papers.


At its core, CloudSmartz is a company working behind the scenes to support the integral business operations of its clients, many of which are big-name brands and enterprise organizations.

Matt Ray, VP of Marketing at CloudSmartz, knows that content marketing is vital in setting themselves apart from their competitors and solidifying their brand name. He also knows that in a fast-paced marketing environment, it’s worth trying new strategies and tactics to learn what works best.

Working closely with Brafton over the last two years, Matt has targeted a niche audience of telecommunications companies by way of blog posts, infographics, videos, white papers and eBooks to position CloudSmartz as an industry thought leader, improve brand awareness and encourage audience engagement.

Matt has also utilized Brafton’s proprietary lead generation technology to promote CloudSmartz’ attendance at one of the largest trade show conferences in their industry (ITW). One of the benefits of working with Brafton was how quickly we were able to turn around the necessary promotional assets for the event on very short notice (CloudSmartz hadn’t planned to attend the event until the last minute in April 2016).

For the 2016 ITW event, Matt’s goal was to secure a dozen meetings. Using Brafton’s conversion landing page and promotional services, he was able to usher new leads through the door for his sales team to successfully set up 18 meetings. In the past year, CloudSmartz has received numerous qualified leads, which have led to valuable sales conversations and the opportunity for lead nurture.

For ITW 2017, CloudSmartz secured a total of 25 meetings with the help of Brafton’s promotional services.

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