Brafton Ramps up FFVA Mutual’s Digital Marketing Program


Organic keyword rankings on the blog.


New referring domains in 2020.


Increase in blog sessions in 6 months.

FFVA Mutual is a Florida-based business that supplies workers’ compensation insurance across all major industry groups.

When they first approached Brafton back in 2017, it was strictly for copywriting. But as they’ve expanded the reach of their digital marketing program, our partnership has deepened.

“Brafton has been a great partner for content and other areas I wasn’t originally intending,” Melissa Hide, VP Marketing & Brand Development, said. “Truthfully, they’ve been an extension of our department. They’ve allowed me to build and grow what we can produce.”

Content Creation at Scale

“Our biggest challenge and obstacle was content creation,” Melissa said. “We have a very small and nimble marketing department here. I needed content services because we were starting a blog. We wanted to position ourselves as brand experts and champions in that area.”

Credibility is the essence of growth at any company. FFVA Mutual has plenty of it—they’ve been in business for 65 years. They just needed help demonstrating it on the web.

130+ projects.

SEO strategy.



Search Performance Briefs.

Custom illustrations.

Blog posts.

Landing pages.

The Content Marketing Platform.

Content-Fueled Marketing Campaigns

Melissa was drawn to Brafton’s messaging on content creation, but also the flexibility of our pricing model, which allows clients to easily re-allocate spend across projects.

“I’ve worked with many different agencies and companies by retainer or monthly expense, and accountability isn’t always there,” she said. “I like Brafton’s approach to that because it was more of an à la carte setup based on what worked for their customers versus a monetary value for that month.”

The first few years of our partnership were focused primarily on blog writing. The goal was to create new, well-crafted content that showcased FFVA Mutual’s knowledge and expertise.

In 2019, we developed an eBook, landing page, infographic and several blog posts dedicated to a “Return to Work” campaign, which focuses on providing guidance to companies as they help injured employees get back into the swing of things. The campaign ended up being one of the most successful we’ve worked on so far. FFVA Mutual repurposed the infographic and eBook for direct mail campaigns.

Since then, we’ve continued to work on a combination of blog content, custom illustrations, infographics, eBooks and landing pages.

In late 2020, FFVA Mutual also began using Brafton’s proprietary Content Marketing Platform, which organizes all deliverables, communications and project statuses in one intuitive web portal.

“Communication has been seamless, and it’s been outstanding because they’re always responsive and informative,” Melissa said of her Brafton team. “Whenever I have a question or want to reach out to them with a specific need, they immediately look into it and make it happen for me.”

“When we started working on SEO and keywords for a web page, we went from pretty much unranked for that campaign to consistently being on page 1 or 2, depending on the region in terms of analytics.” Melissa said.

She chalks much of this success up to how easy it has been to work with her dedicated Brafton team.

“I’m impressed with several of their qualities—their consistency, relationships, quality of work, flexibility and adaptability,” she explained. “They’re checking off all the boxes, and that’s the reason for our long-term relationship and partnership.”

Looking ahead, we hope to expand on these successes with laser-focused, carefully targeted SEO campaigns. Our goal is simple: More traffic, more leads and, ultimately, more sales for our client.

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