“Does Your Team Really Understand B2B Finance?”

Plenty of prospective customers ask us these questions. And they’re good ones. We would ask the same things in your shoes. After all, you’re the experts in fintech and B2B finance. Your expert staff talk, learn, live and breathe it for over 40 hours a week. And for many years, in most cases!

So, how can an external agency create B2B finance and fintech content that’s worthy of your website? How can an agency navigate the rigorous compliance and legal approval processes needed to get content live on your site?

Through a very high level of attention dedicated to every single project. That includes extensive research, strategy and tailoring of content. Our teams know how to specifically address the pain points of content creation for specialized, and often highly educated and discerning, audiences.


Financial clients


Financial blog posts
written to date.


Financial eBooks
created to date.



1. Highest degree of control.
2. Most access to writers
3. Easiest access to industry experts.


1. Highest price option.
2. Highest level of long-term commitment.
3. Content expertise may end up the same as hiring a freelancer

This is the usual route companies take when they don’t trust that they can outsource expertise. Companies usually go one of two directions with in-house writers:

Internal experts: The people who best understand your industry are the people doing the work. They will undoubtedly create the highest quality thought leadership content. Companies will try to tap their internal experts’ knowledge, asking them to write content for the website.

However, the reason they are experts is the exact reason their help with content is unsustainable: they’re busy being experts. They just don’t have a surplus of time to sit down and write a polished blog post that is optimized to perform well in search.

Hiring internal writers: In lieu of getting the consistency a company needs out of the true industry experts, businesses might hire a dedicated writer. Generally, they will try to find a professional writer by trade who is proficient in the industry. They do not do the finance work nor have the experience of an internal expert, but they have enough knowledge and, more importantly, have full resource commitment to creating content.

Hiring internal writers gives companies the most access to and control over content. They pay for this control in the form of the highest price for content (salary/overhead), and risk hiring someone with as much industry experience as a skilled freelancer or agency writer.



1. Cheap.
2. Minimal contractual commitment.
3. Highest level of flexibility.


1. Uncertain quality.
2. Mixed levels of accountability and responsiveness.
3. Lowest level of accessibility.

Freelancers hire out their writing services for contract or hourly billing. They don’t work for the organization, and as such incur no cost other than the agreed project(s).

Freelancers are a great option for companies that want the lowest level of commitment, require a high level of flexibility, and/or need specific content created on a budget. They pay for this low-cost flexibility at the expense of control and quality.



1. Higher levels of quality control.
2. More access and support from teams.
3. Mid-level financial commitment.


1. Uncertain sourcing of writers
(often freelancers).
2. Cost can sometimes exceed quality.
3. Contracts can sometimes be convoluted or prohibitive.

If in-house options are on the far right of the spectrum in terms of high levels of cost and quality control, and freelancers are on the far left in the same regard, agencies are often thought to fall in the middle.

Content agencies typically charge more than a freelancer, but less than hiring someone internally. They’ll also provide a higher level of access and accountability than freelancers, but a bit less than an internal writer.

But generally, the biggest question comes down to quality: How strong are the writers who work at agencies? The answer is in how agencies source their writers, which in most cases, is through freelancers.

So when you pay an agency, it’s important to distinguish whether you’re getting expert writers, or mostly paying a premium for better access to teams and someone to manage the content from freelancer(s). If it’s the latter, you’re ultimately paying a higher price for freelance-quality writing.

Our Work

What B2B Finance and Fintech Clients Look For

The types of results business need, and the types of help companies ask for, can shift greatly across industries. Companies in certain markets constantly need help with branding and messaging. Others are always on the lookout for SEO and increased search visibility.

Here are two of the most common needs our B2B finance and fintech clients bring to the table:

1. Search Visibility

Pain Point: B2B Finance and fintech clients often come to us because the content they create simply doesn’t generate enough search visibility. In other words, the content they’re creating (either in-house or externally) isn’t performing well in Google search.

Solution: We help these clients by utilizing advanced keyword research processes, then writing content using Search Performance Briefs informed by those workflows. By practicing what we preach, Brafton.com has experienced an eightfold increase in organic search traffic.


  • Content Writing Services, including: Blogs, eBooks, whitepapers, landing pages, press releases, and more
  • Search Performance Briefs

2. Email Marketing

Pain Point: Email content creation and strategy often seem to be an area of difficulty for our B2B finance and fintech clients. Our clients often come to us for strategy, content creation and execution of weekly newsletters and nurture sequences.

Solution: While our B2B finance and fintech clients have needs across our spectrum of offerings, from infographic design to social media services, we tend to see the majority of their requests fall somewhere between search visibility and email support.


  • Newsletter Marketing Services
  • Full Service Email Marketing

What It’s Like to Work With Us

You just read our entire business model – no secrets or obscurities.

Our clients continue to work with us time and time again because we value:


Without the highest-quality content creators, we have no product. Period.


Our clients get a dedicated project manager, strategist and direct access to their writer(s).


We don’t lock our clients into obscure contracts. You pay for a clear scope of work.

We keep the relationship simple, easy and of the highest quality we can pay for. It’s the only content marketing model that works.

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