The Ultimate Infographic Marketing Guide.

With infographic production already up 150 percent since 2011, content marketing is an increasingly dynamic and competitive field. Your brand may be developing articles, white papers and other content, but infographics offer prospects a different and more engaging way to learn about your company. As infographics become more popular, website visitors expect to see these visuals alongside other forms of content.

Infographics also power social discovery, attracting prospects hungry for visual content. More than anything, infographics represent an interesting new method of sharing ideas and industry trends with target audiences, and social users are likely to share them in turn.

Brafton’s clients have found infographics are more than just the latest trend in content. The visuals engage relevant traffic and drive overall web visibility across channels. In this white paper, we share case studies and insights around the growing demand for infographics, the best ways to make them a part of your website and the development of an evolving strategy to drive conversions for your company.

You’ll learn:

  • Why infographics are an exciting addition to content marketing
  • The best ways to develop branded infographics for your target audiences
  • How content marketing is changing with visual content as a focal point
  • Tips for translating your brand’s message into infographics
  • Strategies for positioning infographics to drive conversions
  • Insights on how to effectively measure your infographic marketing ROI

Brafton is North America’s leading content marketing agency, with a full-time team of designers who collaborate with our in-house, industry-focused writers to create successful graphics for clients. This white paper shares industry data and insights demonstrating why we are dedicated to helping partners harness the power of high-quality, research-driven graphics (in addition to numerous other content types!) for marketing results. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more.