Be strategic in how you leverage your smart BOFU content – it’s not every day you can grab some low-hanging fruit to show some quick ROI wins.Some buzzwords are great. They have real-world meaning, even if they are overused.

But others are just rhetoric, attached to nothing tangible. Digital marketing has not escaped the buzzword buzzsaw, so you’ll be very familiar (perhaps sickeningly familiar) with the terms we highlight in this eBook.

Download our eBook to learn about (and laugh at):

  • Deep dives, actionable insights and consuming content.
  • Why words like leverage, strategy and campaign are so subjective and unhelpful.
  • Why goals like brand awareness, reduced bounce rates and thought leadership don’t resonate.
  • 21 terms you may be using way too often (and with confusing effect).
  • How to simplify your communications and quit relying on jargon.

I guess you can consider this eBook a digital marketing hack.