Landing pages are some of the most important sections of your website. They act as entry points for search traffic, pulling in prospective customers by answering their immediate questions about products and services.

The problem: Finding the landing page sweet spot. You want every visitor to opt-in, and Brafton has the formula to increase your website conversions.

Brafton’s „The Landing Page Triangle: Three Points to Landing Page Success“ resource outlines core principles for effective landing page content and design. In this resource you’ll learn:

  • How to craft hyper-relevant content to fuel SEO and capture readers‘ attention.
  • Why you need long-form content that establishes credibility and authority.
  • Where to place calls to action to compel visitors to convert.

Remember: Landing pages must be dynamic and adaptable to keep up with visitors‘ expectations, but they should contain core features like relevant optimization, value propositions and calls to action. Download Brafton’s resource to get more insider tips on landing page best practices.