Speaking Google’s Language: Optimizing Content for the Semantic Web

It’s becoming harder for marketers to master SEO now that Google is looking at more than keywords and links in its quest for the best digital content. Nevertheless, the search giant has made it clear the future of search is all about context, conversation and quick answers, aka: The semantic web.

This is a definite sign of change, but it may actually be good news for brands that invested early (and wisely) in content marketing strategies. In Brafton’s „Speaking Google’s Language: Optimizing Content for the Semantic Web“ eBook, you’ll learn:

  • Why the semantic web was developed.
  • How it assess online content.
  • Where it will impact your content marketing and SEO strategies.
  • What you can do to hold onto your ranking signals.

The world wide web is maturing, but that doesn’t have to be bad news for your online presence, especially if you arm yourself with answers. Download Brafton’s eBook to learn how to put the right pieces in place