Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose: Reach Wider Without Creating More

If you aren’t continuously producing engaging and original content, you might be missing out on reaching some of your key targets. Repurposing the assets you create is an effective way to both squeeze more value from them and target different audiences with the same information. You’ll get extra mileage out of your existing content, and you’ll be able to apply the work you’ve already done to a wider range of business goals.

Extracting content from a past project and tailoring it to serve a new purpose not only broadens your influence but helps you to accomplish new business goals, all while preserving your resources. No matter what you’re aiming for – conversions, engagement, thought leadership or leads – you probably have more content to work with than you think. You might just need to repurpose some of it, and aim it in the right direction.

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  • The 4 major benefits of repurposing.
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You can also download our free Content Repurposing Worksheet, which will walk you through the key questions you need to ask yourself to determine what you should repurpose. You can start with an audience question that needs answering or look more closely at a successful asset you want more value from.