How to turn emotion into revenue with nostalgia marketing (+ 7 real-life examples)

How brands like BuzzFeed, Disney and Spotify monetize your memory. What is it about the “old days” that puts a smile on your face? Why is it that someone who’s 25 can be just as nostalgic as someone who’s 85?

Nostalgia marketing is about understanding what drives your target audience at a very deep, emotional level. It’s about evoking feelings of comfort, happiness and security. And we’ll show you how top marketers successfully do that.

Download our eBook to learn:

  • What happens inside your brain when it receives nostalgic messages.
  • Why Stranger Things became Netflix’s flagship television show.
  • What each demographic (from the Silent Generation to Gen Z) is nostalgic for.
  • How to market a campaign around vintage throwbacks and pulled heartstrings.
  • The ideal content formats for capitalizing on nostalgia.
  • How to turn reminiscence into ROI.

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