How content personalization Drives conversions and revenue

Forty percent of consumers spend more when you personalize the customer experience. Content personalization is the next stage in marketing evolution. How often do you delete emails without reading them? Or mute commercials in between your fav TV show?

The issue is that 94% of content fails. And it fails because it is too generic, too high level. It’s totally unhelpful and actively disruptive.

Personalizing your content based on behavioral segmentation, detailed buyer personas and real-time customer data keeps your brand fresh, your content agile and your audience satisfied.

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  • Why businesses lose $765 billion in revenue every year due to poor personalization.
  • Why 98% of marketers are putting their faith in personalization.
  • What happens when your content is targeted to everyone (hint: you convert no one).
  • How companies like Amazon, Spotify and Stella Artois master content personalization.
  • Tools and technology you can use to help automate and dynamically create targeted content.
  • Perils and problems to watch out for (aka too much personalization can be creepy).

In a few years’ time, personalization will be a bare-minimum requirement for content marketers. Reimagine your content today.