How you can benefit from Authorship & prepare for AuthorRank

With premium and audience-centric web content, you’re following the best practices for SEO (and online leads). But how can you get a search edge and boost brand trust? Think bylines.

Google’s on a mission to reward publishers for producing high-quality web content, and there’s an inherent need to make online writing more transparent. The search engine’s Authorship technology lets brands and other publishers put a face to their articles in search. It improves content writers‘ SEO presence and could change how articles rank online in the future. Savvy brands must adapt their content marketing strategies to include Authorship markup, as the technology not only comes with new SEO benefits but also builds audience trust through transparency.

In Brafton’s „Content marketing, meet Authorship: How you can benefit from Authorship & prepare for AuthorRank“ resource, you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of Authorship markup for writers and brands
  • The potential SEO impact of AuthorRank 
  • A history of Authorship technology
  • Answers to Authorship FAQs
  • How to set up Authorship on your website

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