Case study questions: How to get satisfied customers to make a case for your brand

Your ability to bring a case study to life hinges upon your line of questioning during the interview. Are you asking the right questions in the right order? 79% of B2B buyers prefer to read case studies to research a purchases, and 52% of B2C brands always or frequently use storytelling in their marketing efforts.

Telling a captivating and true story is a powerful method for drawing people to your brand.

And there’s only one thing standing between you and the story your brand needs: A conversation with a happy customer.

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  • Why case studies are such powerful marketing collateral.
  • The pros and cons of various interview formats.
  • 21 questions for your case study interviews.
  • Who to interview for the strongest results.
  • How to prepare for your case study interview.

Get out there and find your story.