Survey & Ballot Systems Finds Success With Site Overhaul

Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) is a leading technology company that provides fully managed election services, tools and technology to run organizations’ elections. Being an industry-leading third-party vendor since 1990, SBS has worked with the world’s top associations, cooperatives, credit unions and clubs.

Website redesign.

SBS was looking to update their website, including making it responsive, when they were contacted by Brafton on behalf of our Technical UX and Design services department. Encouraged by the design of’s own website, Deb Ranelle, Marketing Manager for SBS, initiated a partnership with Brafton to redesign

Brafton distinguished itself from its competitors by offering a customized WordPress template from scratch, rather than simply customizing a “canned” WordPress theme. Our designer and developer worked with Deb and her team to create a completely customized template they can now manage post-launch.

Initially scoped to be a three-month project, the new site launch ran into a few hurdles, pushing the delivery date back one month. SBS and Brafton worked diligently to overcome these hurdles to launch a fully modernized website in the fourth month.

One of Brafton’s major differentiators is that we consider all projects, large and small, to be building blocks for long-term partnerships. We do not believe in a transactional relationship where ties are cut after a project is delivered. By continuing service after the site was launched, we ensured Deb and team had all the tools and support necessary to be fully self-sufficient.

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