Stone Claims Group Increased Organic Traffic With Brafton Content


Blog posts.


Increase in referring domains.


Increase in organic traffic.

Stone Claims Group was starting a new chapter for its brand, with a complete rebrand of its company image and a new website to go along with it. What they didn’t know is that they were opening a door to a whole new world of digital marketing, one that they weren’t particularly familiar with.

Lacking In-House Resources for Content Creation

Stone Claims Group is a public insurance adjuster that simplifies the process of damage claims and maximizes the recovered amount for their clients.

Like many companies, Stone Claims Group didn’t have a troop of marketers generating content internally. So, we jumped in to help them increase their brand awareness through different digital marketing efforts and fill in where they lacked the expertise to target such a niche audience like theirs.

Dozens of blog posts.

Website management.


Search Performance Briefs.


Email marketing.

Animated logo.



At a glance since mid-2021 there has been a significant increase in organic traffic when Stone Claims started multiplying its content marketing efforts with Brafton’s help.

Overall we can see a steady increase in referring domains that will eventually lead to a higher Domain Authority.

Publishing high-quality content that ranks in search is the best way for businesses to earn more links from trusted third-party sites. Over time, this helps drive up Domain Authority.

“They’ve been easy to work with. With past providers, we’ve seen our projects become all about money to them. That hasn’t been the case with Brafton,” Chris Miller, CFO at Stone Claims Group, said.

In the end, we put our money where our mouth is by helping SCG target a niche audience with high-quality, visual content that encouraged audience engagement and drove up organic traffic.

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