MobileCause: Generates Leads With Infographic Marketing

MobileCause, a leader in mobile and online fundraising technologies, is dedicated to putting the most powerful fundraising solutions in the hands of those doing the most good.

Since the company launched, it’s built a robust suite of solutions on its cloudbased platform to support clients’ online fundraising, mobile marketing, smart data records and event fundraising needs.

Jeremy Koenig, Director of Marketing, was one of the original members of MobileCause’s team. Having worn many hats at the company, from designing the product interface to managing sales and running the SEO and inbound marketing campaigns, Koenig had a clear understanding of the company’s content marketing goals: Increasing web traffic and lead generation.

Create Graphics That Educate the Target Audience and Empower Them With Information

MobileCause was looking to establish itself as the go-to authority for all things mobile and non-profit, while also staying true to its forward-thinking, simple yet highly-visual brand identity. Naturally, Koenig gravitated toward infographics to provide educational information that highlighted segment-specific adoption of MobileCause technologies.


  • Generate leads with graphics
  • Drive visitors back to the MobileCause website

Koenig had been producing infographics in-house, but he was looking to better align the brand’s content production so innovative ideas going into written white papers and guides could also be turned into visual resources like infographics.

Custom imagery.

Social media.


Customer questions are at the heart of MobileCause’s content strategy, and infographics in particular. This is one way Koenig ensures the topics are in demand, and it’s a smart way for companies to source topics for high-investment assets. 


  • Create graphics that answer customer questions.
  • Promote graphics through email, press releases, ad-retargeting, social media.

In fact, the inspiration for the company’s most successful infographic to date, Generational Differences: Know your Donors, was a trending topic with sales prospects. But before the research was conducted and Brafton’s team turned the concept into an infographic, Koenig tested the message with the audience to confirm the topic was hot.

“After I provided the topic, I didn’t have to give the design team a lot of direction. I asked them for an infographic that matched the brand and was similar to the ones we had already produced. The graphic we got looks awesome, and we get tons of positive feedback about it.” — Koenig

Once Brafton had finalized the infographic, Koenig published it on the website’s resource section behind a download gate to collect contact data. Then, he promoted it through MobileCause’s social accounts and sent it out in two email blasts to the company’s contact list.

This was a record-breaking achievement for MobileCause, generating more leads than any other campaign to date. Yet Koenig is confident the brand’s ongoing strategy may soon rival this success.

The infographic continues to be one of the most popular pieces of content on the MobileCause website, driving continuous traffic to the asset. As a testament of the topic’s success, the majority of traffic going to the graphic is new, meaning it’s bringing fresh visitors to the site and converting them to leads.

“This infographic has helped our sales team articulate these really important facts to people on the phone. Now when people ask about it, we can say: ‘We just came out with this incredible infographic’ and send them a graphic that looks nice. We’ve had lots of positive feedback.” — Koenig

What’s next?

Fresh infographics, stronger distribution and visuals paired with written formats

Koenig has ambitious plans for the company’s infographic marketing. MobileCause is starting to use a referral traffic strategy to target visual content to audiences more precisely, and hopes to sync up the written content with visuals for dynamic cross-channel campaigns. MobileCause is already moving forward with its infographic marketing.

Brafton’s designers are currently working on the next resource that Koenig knows will be a hot idea with his target audience: How NFC and mobile payments will affect donations.

“This topic will have a monster effect on the industry, and our platform is totally built to accommodate secure transactions using this technology. Since Apple jumped on board with it in the most recent iPhone update, it was the perfect time to show how significant this will be.” — Koenig

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