Mobile Mini: Content Diversity Builds Brand Awareness, Increases Traffic

Mobile Mini is a publicly traded company that rents, leases and sells portable storage containers with more than 80,000 customers. The longstanding business is best known for its nearly impossible-to-break security lock systems.

Blog redesign.

Blog posts.

Blog videos.


White papers.

Social media management.

Newsletter distribution.

A significant rebrand called for all of Mobile Mini’s assets to be reprinted and redistributed. Marketing Director Robert Loy recognized this as the perfect time to develop a content marketing strategy that would be built around raising awareness. Loy understood that just putting the company’s logo out there was not going to get them the industry recognition that they needed.

To get Mobile Mini’s content picked up, shared and distributed, Brafton developed a diverse content strategy that included: a complete blog redesign, written and video blog content, whitepapers, infographics, an email newsletter, social promotions and animated videos.

By repurposing and expanding their content offerings, Mobile Mini was able to provide their customers with a diverse set of content that was directly in line with their updated branding and marketing objectives. The result has been more qualified traffic from search, social and email.

Traffic results

  • +77% organic blog traffic quarter-over-quarter.
  • +81% referral traffic from social channels.

Supporting content and promotion

  • Infographics.
  • Whitepapers.
  • Video blogs and animated videos.
  • Organic and paid social media promotion.
  • Email newsletter distribution.

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