How Brafton Helped USC Consulting Group Turn Top-of-Funnel Traffic into New Business

High-value contract

Initiated via eBook.


Site traffic increase from blog.


Of all contact us page views initiated by blog.

USC Consulting Group has long been a trusted leader in operations management consulting. Founded in 1968, USCCG believes in getting down in the trenches with clients, working side by side to improve operational performance in the most challenging of verticals, like mining, manufacturing and asset-heavy industries.

Supporting a Small Marketing Team

Embracing the changing world of digital storefronts, USCCG came to Brafton in March of 2015 for blog content creation.

“We were going through a rebranding effort and relaunching a new website, so we wanted to bolster our blog,” said USCCG’s senior marketing coordinator. “We have since added to our initial expectations. We started out just getting blog posts and case studies, and have since added eBooks, videos and other assets. So the relationship definitely grew over time as our needs grew.”

Brafton indeed helped USCCG bolster its blog, writing one post per week and increasing the site’s traffic by 15% year over year.

Strategic consultancy.

Blog posts.

Case studies.



USCCG boasts a lean but efficient marketing team. Brafton was initially able to alleviate some of USCCG’s content production strains but soon proved capable of becoming more of an integrated marketing partner.

Beyond content production, a major value proposition Brafton delivers clients is strategic consultancy. Every client is assigned a Content Marketing Strategist who provides content, SEO and calculated direction based on hard numbers.

By tracking, measuring and reporting web analytics for every client, Brafton takes the load off time-strapped stakeholders and provides insightful recommendations to make improvements. The key is to end each call with several actionable next steps in addition to following through on future executions once that week’s, month’s or quarter’s metrics are presented.

“We were able to present to our partners about how well we have been doing online; our traffic’s up and we’ve received more subscriptions,” said USCCG. “[Our strategist] provided this information in a quick way so all partners had visibility into our progress.”  

As far as distribution strategy, USCCG’s marketing team sent out the eBook to their database of high level decision makers in the food and beverage industry, and the campaign was specifically focused on core issues these folks commonly see.

From that list, a prospect downloaded the eBook, meaning he was cycled into the USCCG system for leads. Following up over the phone, the prospect requested even more assets, specifically case studies based on past projects.

Impressed by USCCG’s track record of success, that lead turned into a working relationship.

And that’s exactly how the content marketing process is supposed to work: creation -> distribution -> lead generation -> sale.

USCCG generated interest from other companies asking about the eBook as well, and those leads have served as a solid starting point in 2018.

Brafton’s content has ushered top-of-funnel traffic into the consideration phase. We observed:


of all blog visitors subsequently navigating to contact pages.


of all case study views start with blog consumption.

Vendor as a Partner

Similar to USCCG, Brafton prides itself on supporting clients and truly integrating with their marketing teams. We want to ensure we provide the content and strategic direction that makes their jobs easier and shows tangible results.

“[Brafton has] a good working model, and everyone’s been great communication-wise,” said USCCG. “Your team has been invaluable.”

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