Brafton Helps Rapidly Growing Swift SMS Gateway Build Out Its Content Program

Swift SMS Gateway is growing, well, swiftly. We’re talking 30% sales growth or more each year. As the company scales, it needs help ensuring that its content creation efforts can keep pace with its growth. That’s where Brafton comes into the picture.

In 2020, Swift SMS Gateway doubled its total keyword rankings and referring domains, thanks in no small part to our content development efforts.

“Across the globe, approximately 5 billion people send more than 23 billion text messages per day. In the time it takes to read this sentence, more than 1 million texts are sent and received.”

Those are the first lines of an eBook we wrote for Swift SMS Gateway.

The Ontario-based company helps businesses use SMS messaging to achieve a variety of goals. If it deals with texting tech, Swift SMS Gateway does it: A2P messaging (e.g., automated appointment reminders), secure group SMS messaging, API plans for software developers—you name it.

The important thing to understand about Swift SMS Gateway is that it’s growing fast.

“Swift SMS Gateway continues to exceed growth expectations averaging well above 30% sales growth per year,” Brian Johnson, the company’s CEO, said.

To help accelerate that growth, they needed some serious content creation muscle, and we were happy to flex ours.

Build a Content Marketing Program (From Scratch)

“Our goals are to stimulate user signup of developers and business operators that are integrating text services into their business operations,” Brian explained.

For that, you need content and a way to promote and distribute that content.

And that, in so many words, is what we do for Swift SMS Gateway.

Search Performance Briefs.

Blog posts.

Landing pages.

Motion graphics.

Custom illustrations.


Social media management.

A Complete Content Marketing Mix

We started working with Swift SMS Gateway in 2019. At first, we strictly created blog content to help demonstrate their expertise and ability to always be on the front foot in its space.

But we’ve since begun rounding out their strategy with motion graphics, social media posting, eBooks and the occasional landing page launch. For example, we assisted with the promotion of a product relaunch for a group messaging product called “GREXT.”

Our contributions to the campaign, which launched early January 2021, included a video animation that explains the product and a landing page for the new product. We used our proprietary Search Performance Brief to ensure it’s the most comprehensive page on the web for its target keyword.

In 2020, Swift SMS Gateway doubled referring domains from 40 to 80. The company also more than doubled the total number of keywords it ranks for.

But we’re really just getting started. As Swift SMS Gateway continues to grow, we hope to become even more data-driven and sophisticated in our marketing campaigns. The GREXT relaunch, which relies on multi-media content and SPBs, is a good example of types of campaigns we hope to orchestrate to ensure further gains for our client.

And in this case, the best is yet to come.

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