$12K Worth of Traffic to 1 Stanford University Blog Post

You’ve probably heard of Stanford University. One of our recent SEO campaigns involved getting them on Page 1 for a valuable, high-volume keyword: “What is entrepreneurship.”

A Super Competitive Keyword

The keyword is “what is entrepreneurship.”

And just look at those numbers. 157,000 global search volume? 80% keyword difficulty?

Even for a domain as strong as Stanford University’s, this one’s a doozy.

Search Performance Brief.

Blog post.

So Here’s What We Did:

For starters, we picked that keyword. “What is entrepreneurship” aligned perfectly with the program we wanted to promote: Entrepreneurial Leadership. It had a high search volume and the intent was informational — ideal for generating top-level awareness and building backlinks.

We also analyzed the domain strength of the other pages on Page 1 to closely approximate where we should expect to rank on the SERP.

Next, we created the blueprint. An in-depth analysis of the top-20 pages ranking for “What is entrepreneurship.” This helped us identify key topics and questions to answer, and figure out how to create something that would rank on Page 1.

Lastly, we wrote the thing. Not anyone can do this. It takes a seasoned writer who knows SEO and who can write about entrepreneurship authoritatively enough to represent the smart folks over at Stanford University.

We got this blog post on Page 1. Position 6 to be precise.

It started generating a ton of traffic and got 81 backlinks. You’d have to pay $2,400 every single month if you wanted to generate this type of traffic through PPC. We’ve been doing it organically since February (5 months x $2,400 = $12,000 worth of traffic).


We’ve created a system to rank on Page 1 for the keywords that matter. It works as well for world-leading universities as it does for SMBs, and everyone in between.

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