Joe Meloni

A report from InformationWeek suggests that companies in different IT security and data protection fields can use content marketing to stand out as more enterprise and consumer prospects seek security solutions. According to the study, 39 percent of respondents in government IT said disaster recovery and continuity are critical considerations for their organizations. Content marketing campaigns that help security vendors stand out in search and inform their prospects are ideal for organizations looking to attract new customers.

One type of industry-focused content that can help companies stand out is IT planning. Developing articles and lengthier pieces that demonstrate a vendor’s understanding of the industry and the pain points of its prospects can help build authority and boost lead generation efforts.

As IT evolves for industries, marketers who position their companies as flexible and innovative with their different products and services will be more attractive partners for prospects. Additionally, the element of trust improved with the presence of relevant website content is critical given the sensitivity of the data stored by these organizations.

„Federal agencies are juggling many competing priorities with tight budgets,“ said Lorna Garey, content director for InformationWeek Reports. „But before they can address game-changers like mobility or collaboration, CIOs must ensure that foundational technologies are in place. Thus, the focus on security, continuity planning and data records management.“

Establishing trust with these prospects requires a multichannel web presence that demonstrates a vendor’s expertise. Brafton recently highlighted a report from that found more than 80 percent of people won’t purchase from a company they do not trust. The presence of site content, paired with an engaging social media marketing campaign, assuages concern for prospects.