Joe Meloni

Twitter recently announced the release of timeline widgets that allow marketers and others to insert feeds on different website pages to aggregate content related to specific events or topics. The feature offers businesses and others the chance to highlight relevant social content on their websites.

ESPN was among the first users of the widgets, including Tweets from the ongoing U.S. Open tennis tournament, and London Fashion Week marketers used the tool to collect content relevant to the event. Different businesses and marketers will find varying uses for the widgets, but the general idea of highlighting Tweets for a company or event will be the same for most.

Social media marketing campaigns have become increasingly competitive, with nearly 90 percent of companies expected to maintain presences in the channel through the end of 2012. As such, leveraging new tools and features offered by Facebook, Twitter and other platforms can help organizations improve their presences on the web and stand out from their competitors.

Brafton highlighted another new feature from Twitter that allows users to find content about major events. Hashtag pages, which Twitter uses to create a conversation hub related to popular occasions, have been used for the Olympics and this summer’s 2012 UEFA European Football Championships.