Joe Meloni

The Google Operating System blog, unaffiliated with Google, reported that the company is currently testing expanded results related to its Knowledge Graph. According to the post, the tool will help users find more web content related to their initial queries.

The example provided deals with a search for the blockbuster film „The Dark Knight Rises.“ The results include assorted related events and people involved with the film. However, above the organic search results and the Knowledge Graph box on the right side of the page are a series of links and images related to people connected to the film.

Brafton could not find any examples of the test after a series of searches, but the potential new additions to the Knowledge Graph could help guide users to more relevant content while showcasing related website content from brands.New additions to Google's Knowledge Graph place a greater focus on related searches.

While the greatest use of the Knowledge Graph appears to be for searchers doing research on general topics, any tool that helps direct users through the web can also provide marketers with opportunities to generate more visibility with web content.

When Google first launched the Knowledge Graph, Brafton highlighted the feature’s ability to interpret web content and search queries on a contextual level. The goal being to provide searchers with results most likely to satisfy their needs. For marketers, shifting the direction and focus of content marketing campaigns to deliver users information relevant to products and services can help keep pace with the changing nature of the web and user behavior.