Joe Meloni

As part of its ongoing effort to unify its services into a single platform, Google placed a navigation bar at the top of the page that allowed users to navigate to and from different Google products. The feature is critical for social media marketing campaigns that include Google+, as users can easily access the network. However, Techno-net, a Spanish-language technology website, reported that it has spotted a Google test that removed the navigation bar.

Users control the visibility of the bar, with the addition of a command added to the URL of the page. Placing „?esrch=Agad::Public“ at the end of the URL will eliminate the navigation bar entirely, Techo-net reported.

Ultimately, most users will still see the navigation bar, and it’s unclear at this point if Google plans to remove the bar or adjust it at any point.

Google’s effort to enroll users in all of its services has been a bit of a battle. Even as Google search and Gmail remain dominant in their markets, Google+, Docs and other services from the company are seeing limited use in comparison. Ultimately, changes to the navigation bar and other minor adjustments seem to mean very little in terms of driving use.

Search and email updates that encouraged Google users to turn to other services seemed to put off some earlier in the year. Brafton reported that more than 60 percent of respondents to a Washington Post poll said they would cancel their Google accounts in January due to the launch of Search Plus Your World, but most have not followed through.