Joe Meloni

On Monday, Google emailed select bloggers and other web content writers informing them that they have received Authorship from Google. More than anything, the feature provides writers and bloggers more visibility on the web, which can help the agencies and companies they write for improve brand authority on the web.

Some web writers received emails from Google on Monday.

Google initially rolled out the Authorship capability last June, allowing companies or bloggers to promote their sites (and articles) on SERPs with icons featuring the authors. Currently, it’s unclear why certain bloggers received the notification, rather than others. Much like other rollouts from Google, the selection process may have been entirely random. Ultimately, Authorship signals the search giant’s effort to promote writers with industry authority, and it could benefit companies using content marketing.

These emails coincided with the 10th anniversary of Google News on Monday. Since rolling out its news aggregator, Google has become the leader in search and general information retrieval on the web. The growth of Google News as a premier place for web users to find timely, journalistic content that matters to them has an ideal companion in Authorship, since people can now quickly identify content find writers they trust.
Businesses hoping to use site content to demonstrate their industry expertise on the web have more tools than ever to stand out from their competitors. Developing content marketing strategies that look to inform and educate site visitors is especially useful when paired with Google’s Authorship program, which requires content writers to establish a presence on Google+. This allows prospects and site visitors to learn about the writers they enjoy and see other things they’ve written. Taking advantage of tools that help promote a site’s content in search can pay off; Brafton has reported that more than half of Americans trust companies‘ website content when discovered via organic search.