Joe Meloni

Google Analytics now includes an Entrance tab in the All Pages reports, which shows marketers how often a page was the first viewed by a visitor on a website. The metric builds on current data in the report, including a page’s overall views, unique views, bounce rate, time on page and exit rate. This will help administrators determine which pages are most successful at drawing traffic to their site.

Sorting the All Pages report according to which page garners the most Entrances creates results similar to the Landing Pages Report. However, it’s helpful that in the All Pages report users can see how many of the overall pageviews are related to site entrances.

For marketers using content to engage prospects and readers knowing visitors‘ entrance points helps identify the types of headlines and page titles most likely to attract visitors. Like any other part of website content, it’s critical that headlines and titles attract readers and be adjusted to their preferences.Google Analytics has included an Entrance tab in its tools to show marketers which pages are attracting users most frequently.

Any web marketing campaign needs measurement to recognize and build on its effectiveness. Analytics reporting helps marketers gauge the success of their efforts, while also providing a strong indication as to which types of content are driving prospects to toward conversion most frequently.

Brafton recently highlighted a case study from Google Analytics describing how a company used data from its service to adjust its campaigns effectively. The informed decisions resulted in 30 percent more conversions for the company.