Joe Meloni

Using Halloween as inspiration, Facebook is currently posing unique questions within the Update Status box on user profiles to encourage people to share information. Currently, questions range from ‚What’s your favorite Halloween memory?“ to „What’s your favorite Halloween candy?“.

There’s no word from the company as to the future of this feature, but it could be an interesting addition for the social networking giant. Finding new ways to get people talking about different topics is important as Facebook strives to maintain its marketing appeal.

This is especially key as Pinterest gains ground as a shopping research site (with more users saying they find purchase inspiration on the newer network than on Facebook). Recently, Brafton highlighted Facebook’s Want button and Collections feature that allows brands to share images of products to drum up interest on the platform.

With more than 1 billion users, Facebook isn’t exactly hurting for user-generated content. Still, finding new ways to compel people to share comments, links and general thoughts will drive activity even further. There are no current social media marketing overtones with the move. However, asking people to discuss their favorite Halloween candy seems like an interesting precursor to asking users what they want or plan to buy for others during the December holidays.