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Developing website content to drive search standing can help businesses improve their web presence and turn a site into an engine for conversions. However, writing content that informs and engages prospects and website visitors is the cornerstone of any truly successful campaign.

Mark Severance, director of sales and marketing for cloud services vendor Arxis Technology, says a content marketing strategy that focuses on speaking clients‘ language has helped build an SEO presence and a strong rapport with his target audience. He believes the engaging style and voice – consistent across Arxis‘ news content marketing campaign – drives repeat visits and sets his company apart in prospects‘ minds.

„Content is a bridge to a relationship.“ Mark Severance, Arxis Technology

„Content is a bridge to a relationship,“ Severance said in an interview with Brafton.

„As a technology company, dry content comes with the territory. We want the personality of our company to be reflected in our content. We don’t want it to be boring.“

Developing website content that provides readers with relevant industry news can help position any company as a thought leader, and focusing on the right mix of key terms will improve search standing. But using content to embody and enhance the overall message of a company can also improve a prospect’s perception of the business.

Mark Severance
Mark Severance, Director of Sales and Marketing, Arxis Technology

„We want to provide customers the ability to know, like and trust us through our website content,“ Severance said. „It wasn’t enough for us just to create content. We wanted to create articles that helped our clients connect with our brand.“

An additional benefit of content marketing that hits an ideal tone to engage prospects is that the strategy inherently puts the user first. As Google’s search algorithms continue to change, the focus shifts from keywords to the quality of articles and their overall readability.

Arxis‘ content includes regular use of keywords, but the style and tone of the content ensures these terms appear organically. Moreover, Severance says the focus on representing Arxis‘ personality and general brand message keeps the content fresh and relevant.

„People in different industries miss an opportunity to really engage their audiences when they develop poor content marketing,“ Severance said. „Developing engaging articles is very important for our company, and it will be going forward.“

Arxis‘ strategy continuously helps it improve search ranking and appeal to users, much in line with recent SEO advice given by Google’s Matt Cutts. In an interview with Stone Temple Consulting, highlighted in a Brafton report, Cutts said companies should avoid taking SEO shortcuts and dedicate their efforts to creating engaging website content.