Natalie Bispham

When you think of Brazil, your mind may wander to the rhythm of music, the energy of life, the humming of crowded streets and the melting pot of cultures. The same sensations might strike you when you meet Diogo Costa. His vibrant energy shines through the screens, something not everyone can accomplish.

Perhaps there’s a hint of foreshadowing in his name, a promise of the spirited life he would lead. But we’ll reveal that interesting detail later.

For now, let’s delve into his world. In the bustling, melody-soaked streets of São Paulo, Diogo’s dynamism is not just a personal trait. It’s an integral part of his professional life as a Sales Operations Executive at Brafton. 

„My job is like a puzzle with many different pieces. I assist our clients in reaching their objectives, work with diverse systems and basically everything to do with operations,“ Diogo shared, his voice bubbling with enthusiasm. „What makes it thrilling is the variety. Each day is unlike the last.“

Stepping Into the International Spotlight

Before he came to us, Diogo dreamt of working beyond Brazil’s borders. This ambition guided him onto the international stage, ultimately leading him to Brafton. 

„I applied to many different international companies, but Brafton stood out. It was a whole new experience. There’s something special about working with people from all sorts of cultures,“ Diogo shared, thinking back to that time.

Working for Brafton reminded Diogo of the 3 years he spent living in New Zealand. He loved meeting people from all over the world, but it wasn’t just the chance to work with people from different backgrounds that drew Diogo to the company. He also appreciated the collaborative nature of the team, something he noticed from day 1 — when his now manager, Ryan, talked him through the role.

„My team is always there to help each other. There are no walls between the different parts of the company. Everyone is approachable and willing to share ideas,“ he said.

Merging Sales with Marketing

Diogo’s career path to Brafton was paved by 15 years of experience in sales and business development, but he always held a deep-seated passion for marketing.

“As a salesperson, you need to convince people to look for you. At my other jobs, I found myself creating marketing pieces to explain our products. It used to give us a boost in sales, and I really enjoyed doing it,” Diogo confessed. Brafton offered him the perfect blend of sales and marketing roles he was seeking.

Achievements and Career Highlights

During his tenure at Brafton, Diogo has had numerous accomplishments. One recent achievement that stands out is the creation of extensive Salesforce dashboards and API data reports. „It’s a project I start every quarter, and seeing it come to fruition is really fulfilling,“ he noted with pride.

"My team is always there to help each other".

A Life Well Lived

Diogo doesn’t just embrace challenges at work — he welcomes them in all aspects of his life.

„Life is all about taking risks. You learn so much from them. I’ve moved to different cities and countries. Every experience has taught me something new, and I wouldn’t change any of it,“ he declared.

When Diogo isn’t at work, you can often find him immersed in the vibrant energy of a concert or festival, losing himself in the music and the crowd. He has a deep appreciation for live performances and has collected many memorable experiences, from AC/DC in New Zealand to Florence and the Machine in Brazil.

But there’s a quieter side to Diogo too, one that might surprise you. At home, he nurtures a flourishing array of plants with the same dedication and attention he applies at work. He takes great pleasure in watching them grow and thrive — a testament to his patience and care.

Spending time with his girlfriend and their 2 cats is another vital part of his life. Striking a balance between work and personal time is something Diogo prioritises. „Working from home has its perks. I make sure to log off by 6 p.m. and relax until the next day. I plan different activities every weekend — I like to keep things fresh and moving,“ he said.

Now, as we wrap up this piece, we return to the earlier intriguing detail about his name. One we didn’t want to reveal until you knew more about his story. The full form — Diogo ‚Brazil‘ da Costa, captures the essence of his vibrant homeland.

Having him on our team, with his unique experiences and perspectives, is indeed something we value at Brafton. We look forward to continue working together, embracing challenges and cherishing successes. 

To more shared adventures and growth, Diogo ‚Brazil‘ da Costa!