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Meet Ashley Kuhn: She’s a senior designer in our Chicago office and she’s known as a teamplayer whose pride in her duties is unmatched.

On top of stellar design skills, Ashley’s got a keen ability to get to the heart of her client’s needs. An excellent listener, she takes challenging projects and creates them with what appears to be ease.

“The designers at Brafton are in constant contact with our clients which is not usually the case for designers at various other design firms,” she said. “Being able to help people become comfortable talking about design is something that I’ve honed in on when discussing projects with my clients.”

Graphic production manager Rachel Seidman said Ashley’s communication skills have an immense impact on how she delivers effective designs for her clients.

 “She takes a lot of pride in her work and she knows exactly how to communicate with her clients, and in turn get them what they’re looking for,” Rachel said. “I love having her on my team and am so grateful for her hard work!“

Design Director Ken Boostrom echoed Rachel’s sentiments, noting “Ashley always seems to have a smile and now through her senior designer position, she’ll be able to help the graphics team in Chicago create even stronger products.”

Learn more about Ashley in our Brafton Q&A:

Q: As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Ashley and fellow designer at Millennium Park in Chicago.
Ashley and fellow designer Annalise at Millennium Park in Chicago.

Everything. At various points I remember wanting to be a teacher, fashion designer, therapist and exhibit designer for museums.

Q: What do you think is the most important quality for success?

Ambition with a touch of patience.

Q: What do you value most in a job?

Challenges that push me to grow as a designer, and a company with integrity that I’m proud to be a part of.

Q: What is your most treasured possession?

I have a really old pair of caribou antlers; it is my favorite thing.

Q: What’s your favorite aspect of your job?

I’ll never complain about coming in and spending everyday illustrating something different.

Q: What do you consider your greatest achievement?

The most important quality for success? „Ambition with a touch of patience.“

I dabbled in different fields and followed what excited me after college, which lead me to fall in love with design and stay happy on a creative path. OR maybe it’s that I lived in Germany as an exchange student. It was my first adventure overseas and I was the only person from my high school who went. I lived in the Black Forest, where they speak a very different dialect? than what I was used to. The only English my host mother knew was “red” and “sandwich.”

Q: Have any „hidden talents“?

I do a very convincing mouth-trumpet. Also, I recently finished up a taxidermy class.  

Q: If Brafton were a TV show, which character – from any sitcom, drama or reality show (of any time period) – would represent you?

A mix of Marcia Brady’s hair and the wise-beyond-her-years comedic relief of Michelle Tanner.

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