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ThoughtTrace Video: An Award-Winning Fusion of Art and Tech

We embarked on a journey with ThoughtTrace to create a motion graphic that would not just engage viewers, but leave them spellbound. 

Unleashing Creativity

Our starting point? Rough sketch ideas, blending creativity and technical precision. Our compass? The sleek allure of Samsung’s renowned design aesthetics. The company is known for its clean lines, daring typography and dynamic visual effects.

Bringing Ideas to Life

The transformation from concept sketches to a dynamic visual spectacle was no small feat. Our tools of choice were Cinema 4D, After Effects and Illustrator — each playing a vital role in creating the video. Cinema 4D sculpted the 3D visual elements, After Effects added motion magic and Illustrator crafted the crisp, bold typography.

Winning Gold Stars 

The ThoughtTrace team’s reaction was music to our ears. „An amazing thing to get on a Friday. You should have heard our reactions! The team across the board was so impressed, amazed, and excited.“ 

And that’s not all — the crowning glory of our endeavor was the prestigious dotComm Gold Award 2022 ThoughtTrace won for Best SaaS Animation. Check out the final video here: