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The Future of Shopping Malls: An Infographic Journey for Moody’s Analytics

Moody’s Analytics, a name synonymous with financial intelligence, provides software and advisory services across a variety of sectors, including retail. They’re renowned for their unique ability to blend economic expertise with industry insight to provide actionable solutions.

The task was to bring to life a comprehensive report on the key drivers shaping the future of shopping malls. Moody’s Analytics had provided an image and a dense report that needed to be translated into an accessible visual narrative.


We dove into this project aiming to maintain the brand’s style while blending design, copywriting, and strategic elements to convey the complex narrative in a simple, aesthetically appealing infographic. The end product showcased the customer journey, highlighted changing consumer expectations, and brought forth the factors influencing the retail sector.

Our favorite icon in this piece? A figure pushing a shopping cart while standing atop a smartphone, illustrating the now ubiquitous reality: reaching customers increasingly requires navigating through digital channels.