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Breaking New Ground in the Digital Space with Hatfield

Part of the Clemens Food Group, Hatfield was our first target on the mission to transform the digital landscape of Clemens Food Group’s brands.

We set out to rejuvenate Hatfield’s digital identity and create a lively website that echoed its unique personality, all while singing loud the praises of its „Pork with a Pledge“ commitment.


Embracing simplicity and clarity, we infused this mantra throughout the site, from an invitingly clean homepage to sections that anyone could navigate blindfolded. And let’s not forget, we gave Hatfield’s pledge a megaphone to ensure it couldn’t be missed.

Boom! Hatfield’s digital makeover witnessed a jaw-dropping 1,611% jump in monthly sessions. And talk about a gold rush, the value of organic traffic soared from a humble $3,026 to a hefty $23,918 per month — that’s a staggering 690% increase!