Video Marketing From Production to Purchases

Video Marketing: Creating branded video strategies to fuel awareness, leads and sales

Video content is a growing resource for marketers in search of higher conversions, and one in three brands already use video to generate sales leads. With more than 180 million Americans regularly watching web videos and most consumers self-identifying as visual learners, this multimedia content is perfectly suited for attracting clicks and driving conversions.

The problem is marketers don’t always know how to use video content to drive ROI. A lot of brands invest in a handful of videos per year, typically on products or testimonials. That’s like making  one sales call or publishing a single blog post and expecting results – it’s contrary to how marketers leverage every other online marketing effort. Successful video marketing requires the same frequency and targeted content that fuel other results-oriented marketing campaigns, and our new guide can inspire your video strategy.

Why brands need video to foster cross-web leadsIn this guide, you’ll learn need-to-know basics such as:

  • The value of filling the sales funnel with diverse video content.
  • How to CONSISTENTLY create engaging branded videos (no – they’re not an oxymoron!).
  • Simple strategies to optimize video marketing for ROI.

More than 50 percent of Americans say exposure to relevant video impacts purchases – so, what are you waiting for? You can also contact us to learn more about Brafton’s innovative video marketing service that helps brands develop custom strategies for frequent videos at a price-point that’s friendly to most budgets.