Joe Meloni

Yahoo announced this week week that it will discontinue its Web Analytics suite on August 31, as the company looks to focus its efforts on better-performing products. Businesses using YWA for analysis of their websites‘ performance will be able to access data, but the company has advised others to move their data to a new platform before October 31, when it will be shut down entirely.

In recent years, Yahoo has struggled to maintain much momentum and sacrificed a number of products and services that have generated little revenue. Aside from the internal turmoil associated with the company’s CEO turnover rate in the last 24 months, it has seen use of most of its products drop drastically.

According to a release from the Yahoo, it will soon inform its users of the company’s plan through email.

Analytics data is critical for businesses to gauge the success of their new media marketing efforts. For companies actively shifting their marketing activity to the web, analytics plays a critical role in assessing the performance of content marketing campaigns used with a keyword strategy to improve SEO.

The value of analytics was recently demonstrated in a case study from Google Analytics, which Brafton highlighted in a report. Using Google’s Analytics suite allowed Build Driver to make results-drive changes to search marketing and email campaigns to maximize conversion opportunities.