Search engine giant Yahoo! has announced that its Buzz application has been opened up, allowing users to "discover, vote for and share" content that they are interested in.

"Anything you find on the web is now buzzable. Any of the web’s best current event stories, gossip, photos, videos and more can be submitted and shared on Yahoo! Buzz," notes Tapan Bhat, senior vice-president of front doors, communities and network services, in a post on Yahoo!’s corporate blog.

Continuing, Mr Bhat expresses his hope that those publishing web content who were not part of the Yahoo! Buzz beta testing will add the code to their pages, allowing their sites to be "buzzed" by users.

He concludes by noting than the Yahoo! Buzz audience now comprises more than half a million people.

In other search engine news, Google recently took first place in the University of Michigan’s annual American Customer Satisfaction Index for the e-business sector.