It seemed only a matter of time, but it appears that the end of Web 2.0 is almost at hand, giving way to Web 3.0.

A post from Tom Wilde on SearchEngineLand says that the new generation of web content will be more focused on individual content with consumers more interested in bits and pieces of information rather than the "container" they come in. For example, consumers are more likely to look for individual songs rather than an entire album from an artist.

According to Wilde, the problem Web 3.0 would create in a SEO or SEM environment is that publishers will need to rethink the way content is found and organized. It is also likely to affect search engines like Google, which in turn will affect SEO.

Wilde says the genius of Google was creating a way to identify a value for billions of web pages. But in a container-less Web 3.0, that will change.

"If web search is optimized for discovering and organizing web pages (containers) rather than individual videos (objects) as an example, then that object risks being left out of the broader social graph if it can’t be easily found," said Wilde. "To date Google has done relatively little to re-orient their search products around objects."

It is widely expected that Google will roll out its Universal Search sometime this year which may alleviate part of the problem Wilde suggests.