Joe Meloni

A report from McAfee found that marketers targeting teens must focus their campaigns on several different channels and devices, as younger generations of Americans access the web more frequently than others.

According to the survey, 37.4 percent of teens use laptops daily, while 29.8 percent said they use desktops every day. Other popular web access points were smartphones (13.5 percent) and tablets 5 percent.

For marketers, creating content marketing campaigns that engage young shoppers can help drive site traffic and increase conversions on the web. Moreover, focusing on several different web channels that allow teens to interact with a brand through social media, email or any other access points will keep them engaged.

Additionally, teens‘ parents are also growing more active with different web-connected devices, showing similar usage numbers on laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets.

Creating and sharing original content across channels is increasingly important to drive engagement with prospects of any generation. Brafton recently reported that 54 percent of survey respondents told AYTM Market Research that they rarely click paid content on networks. Developing social media marketing strategies that aim to increase traffic and engagement with organic content will help marketers ensure their efforts pay off.