Joe Meloni

A report from Performics found that social media marketing campaigns are more likely to generate engagement and visibility when they include images and other forms of visual content. While sharing links to website content also yielded positive engagement on social campaigns, visuals of all kinds boosted brand interactions.

According to the study, consumers are most likely to interact with social content that includes images, with 44 percent saying they often engage with this type of post. Whether it is an image that accompanied a blog post, an infographic, a product photo or any other picture, marketers can distinguish their social campaigns with a visual presence.

Video marketing can also have a strong impact on social audiences, as 37 percent of consumers are likely to engage videos on social networks. The report found that men are especially active with video content, while women interact more with pictures.

Links to articles also performed fairly well, with 35 percent saying they’re likely to click through to the sites sharing the content.

In general, social media marketing campaigns perform well when they include different types of content likely to appeal to varying demographics. Identifying audiences‘ informational wants or needs is important to the success of any marketing campaign. However, it appears that companies often struggle in finding the right tone and style for content to appeal to their desired audience, with 68 percent of marketers citing targeting issues as a top content marketing challenge.