Joe Meloni

A report from AYTM Market Research suggests that video marketing is increasingly effective at driving consumers to consider new products and services for conversion. As the volume of available online videos grows and more people interact with the content, developing original video will become a competitive necessity for marketers.

More than 84 percent of consumers said they regularly watch short video clips on the web, and more than 66 percent said they view television shows and longer video content online.

Video ad content impacts 50.3 percent of respondents‘ purchase decisions in some way. Nearly 6 percent said they have bought items directly as a result of the ad. More than 19 percent said they have visited new websites to access other content following the ads, and 24.8 percent reported having learned about brands from the ads.

Consumers that report watching longer videos on a site reported similar impact. More than 6 percent said they’ve bought items as a result, and 20.4 percent said they’ve clicked links and visited sites mentioned in the content. More than 28 percent said the videos were useful, as they provided relevant information about a brand.

The value of video content marketing continues to grow, with the web becoming an increasingly common place for Americans to access video for entertainment and other purposes. Brafton recently reported that the amount of video marketing content viewed on the web has grown steadily throughout the summer. ComScore’s monthly research pegged total ads viewed in May at 10 billion and 11 billion for June.