Joe Meloni

A report from Google and Compete found that 40 percent of online shoppers who viewed video marketing content from an apparel company clicked through to the sponsoring website. The study demonstrates the value of video content on the web, as more Americans stream clips for entertainment and to learn about new products and services from brands.

For marketers, one of the great challenges in video marketing is effective audience targeting. Brafton recently highlighted a study from Vibrant Media that found 70 percent of consumers ignore poorly targeted video content. Developing content that speaks to the correct demographics and provides an element of entertainment along with information about a brand’s products or services is even more important with video.

According to Google and Compete, certain kinds of clips are more likely to resonate with prospects than others for any industry. Finding the right mix will help marketers ensure consumers engage with content and, eventually, convert.

Thirty-six percent of consumers said they have watched customer testimonials and reviews about specific brands‘ offerings, while 25 percent reported that video ads played before other content pique their interest. Professionally shot reviews also performed well, as 21 percent of respondents said they’ve watched this type of content.

Brafton has frequently detailed the value of a multichannel conversion funnel that allows prospects to encounter brand content wherever they are online and navigate to a website from the platforms they’re naturally using. Pairing video with email marketing drove engagement and traffic for 29 percent of companies whose subscribers clicked on a clip that came within an email campaign they enrolled to receive.

With Google and Compete reporting that 40 percent of consumers further researched a clothing brand after watching a related marketing video, it’s clear that this vertical has a lot to gain from high-quality video content marketing. Moreover, the potential audience for fashion-related web content of all kinds grows larger every day. Brafton recently highlighted a report from Mintel that found an increasingly large amount of men turn to the web to seek advice on new clothing choices.

Even with men arising as a new audience for apparel companies to target with their web marketing of any kind, there is substantial value in video content for reaching female audiences. Last year, Brafton highlighted a video from Jezebel that detailed 40 different ways for a woman to tie a scarf. The spot became one of the most frequently viewed videos on YouTube for 2011.