Most companies realize the importance of enhancing their online visibility but it is becoming increasingly important for individuals to do the same and one expert says that means using search engine optimization (SEO) to help build an online brand.

In a piece for Search Engine Land, Kevin Gibbons, director of search at UK search marketing agency SEOptimize, writes that having a strong personal online brand may be even more important than having a strong company brand.

Because a growing number of people go straight to Google when they’re looking for information on a person, Gibbons writes that people looking to have strong online visibility should use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to make sure they are seen positively.

„There are clearly certain types of results that professionals want to appear for a vanity search,“ he writes. „It’s obviously great if you can control as many of the top ten listings as possible, and ideally you want this to consist of company profile pages, media mentions and so on.“

A similar technique can be used for companies that may have negative content about them on the web. By continuing to create unique content, the company may be able to push the negative things off of the first page of a Google search.