Sending clients email marketing messages including tips, industry news stories and other information is an "excellent" way of staying in touch, an expert has remarked.

Industry commentator Gayle Jones, writing for the Lindsay Post, asserted that retailers can use such direct marketing to promote sales or offer loyalty discounts as well as to share such information.

"By using email marketing you can provide your customers with valuable information, connect with them and promote your products and services," she explained.

Furthermore, the economic climate makes it especially important that firms pro-actively seek out and build relationships with their clients, Ms Jones added.

Recently, Lawrence Ramsay of DMC Software Solutions explained that email marketing has developed a bad reputation as a result of spam.

Furthermore, many firms now use email marketing, which can result in the consumer being bombarded with marketing messages, he continued.

However, Mr Ramsay suggested that targeted, relevant information will be read by consumers.