Joe Meloni

STELLAService recently reported that the average company responds to 44 percent of Tweets relating to customer service. The study monitored the social media marketing activity of companies over a 24-hour period and found that many missed countless engagement opportunities.

Businesses of all kinds are using social media marketing to build a web presence. Among the easiest ways to achieve this is to engage customers when they ask for help or inquire otherwise, but STELLAService found that more than half of consumer queries via the microblogging site are seemingly ignored. Missing these chances to speak directly with prospects and existing customers is bad for social campaigns and for business.

With the rise of the web, consumers and B2B buyers are doing increasingly more shopping and purchase research on their computers and various mobile devices. As such, the ability to engage with prospects has become less frequent. Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms have provided businesses an opportunity to help their customer base. Still, many appear to be missing out on these chances.

Twitter, specifically, is developing features that can be useful in attracting engagement from prospects. Brafton recently reported that Twitter has rolled out a new tool to help both consumers and businesses understand the topics being discussed in their activity feeds by using Tailored Trends instead of those based on geographic regions.