Joe Meloni

As part of its Strategies for Effective Tweeting: A Statistical Review report, Buddy Media found that engagement trends among Twitter users point to news content marketing as a strong method of driving a social presence and relevant website traffic.

According to the research, Tweets with fewer than 100 characters generate 17 percent more engagement from users than lengthier content. Additionally, Tweets that include links result in 86 percent more retweets than posts lacking one.

Developing a news content marketing campaign can help businesses improve their social media marketing effort due to the sharing of brief headlines with links to articles. Headlines and links to articles on the site will typically be concise content that helps drive consumers through a conversion funnel. Moreover, consumers are turning to social networks to find news content more frequently.

Regardless of the type of content a brand publishes online, Brafton recently cited a report from the Content Marketing Institute that found the channels marketers use to distribute their content are as important as the content itself. Using social media marketing and email campaigns to deliver site content to prospects ensures that marketing content will reach and influence the target audience.