Joe Meloni

Twitter has rolled out a new method for showing its trending topics. No longer will users solely see the topics most frequently mentioned by those in their geographic area. On its blog, Twitter said it is currently rolling out new algorithms that will bring the most relevant trends for each user.

According to Twitter, the feature and the trends shown will be entirely customizable, so users can see different trends with just a few clicks. Using geographical trends is still relevant for many of the sites users. However, some may want to see the topics being discussed by their own followers and other contacts.

For marketers, adjusting trends to focus on consumers in their activity feeds (rather than all users in their geographic area) may help with developing new ideas for content. Moreover, it can shape the conversation and engagement a brand looks to establish through Twitter marketing.

Twitter said the feature is not currently rolled out to all users, but it will be in the next few weeks.

In recent weeks, Twitter has announced a series of adjustments to its site aimed at making the social experience offered on its platform more relevant to users and building demand for targeted Twitter content from brands. Brafton recently highlighted the company’s new algorithm for assembling the content on the Discover tab. Users now see articles and other content their contacts are engaging with, rather than Tweets shared by the entire Twitter user base. Whether it’s SEO or content marketing, ensuring that the correct audience is reached with content is critical.