Joe Meloni

Twitter recently experienced an outage that left marketers and users without access to the site for more than one hour. According to the company, the issue was fixed quickly, and no user information was compromised as a result.

Twitter issued an apology and an explanation for the outage that became a trending topic on the site shortly after it the site started running again. The company pointed the extreme activity and very little downtime as the source of the problem, but Twitter says the issue was a reminder that it must consistently improve its capability and reliability.

Social media marketing efforts on the site may have taken a minor hit during the downtime, as content could not be shared. Moreover, companies that rely on Twitter as a critical component of their web presence can use the issue as a reminder to protect their account information. As Twitter said, security issues were not responsible for its most recent outage. Still, regularly changing passwords and other information can help businesses avoid issues.

Recently, Google experienced similar issues when Gmail suffered a prolonged outage. In this case, email marketing efforts, as well as some search campaigns were handicapped, Brafton reported.