Joe Meloni

Last week, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said that the company now processes 400 million Tweets every day with many coming from mobile devices. Shortly after, the Twitter Advertising team did some number crunching and announced that 60 percent of its active users access the social network from mobile devices.

Twitter’s popularity for both mobile and desktop users is critical for the company as it continues to battle with other social networks for users. With the addition of Promoted Tweets to mobile devices, social media marketing efforts have been able to reach smartphone users more as well.

According to a study released by Pew, Twitter use has quadrupled since 2010. About 15 percent of all adults connected to the web said they use Twitter, with 8 percent doing so on a daily basis. Pew suggested in its report that Americans‘ increasing Twitter access is due to greater smartphone adoption. Twitter’s announcement that 60 percent of users access the website on their smartphone, whether through an app or the mobile web, substantiates this claim.

Similarly, a report from comScore found that mobile access of social networks has increased. Brafton highlighted the company’s most recent analysis of the mobile phone market in the United States, revealing that more than one-third of all mobile phone users access social media on their handsets. This report included both smartphone and feature phone users.